Get to the Emotional Root Cause to Feel Better Faster

Buried emotions + physical ailments

Emotions are energy in motion. Imagine a straw. It is easy to blow through, this is in flow. If we tie a knot in the straw we cant blow through it and it becomes stuck energy. No Flow.

Now imagine your body. You need flow to stay healthy. When we have an emotion we bury, it becomes stuck energy, which manifests into dis-ease.

Emotions + release

Once we begin to release of the stuck emotions/energy we begin to have flow in the body again, bringing it into balance and releasing any physical ailments in the process. 

Emotions+Essential Oils

Want to know something cool?!  Essential oils have the power to help you unbury stuck emotions and energy, so you can process them and began then healing process.

3 ways to stop a downward spiral

recognize it

What am I feeling Emotionally?
What am I feeling Physically?
What am I feeling Mentally?

  Once you narrow down the what, go to the why. You might just find your trigger.

revisit it

“I am in a funk and this is why” re-visit it.  It's okay to look at the why, we just do not want to get stuck there.  

“I feel frustrated about....”
or maybe you have no idea why you feel bad. Look back through your calendar, pictures, texts and see if you can find what triggered your feelings.

release it

Grab a pen and paper and write everything that comes to your mind. The art of writing is an effective way to release energy. Once you get all of your feelings out, read it one last time. Then crumple the paper and burn or toss it. I love to breathe in the aroma of an essential oil with new thoughts as I burn the paper. This anchors positive feelings to take place of the negative ones.

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